What is unique about Indian cuisine in the Heidelberg region?

Indian dishes and recipes are considered to be one of the most popular and tastiest cuisines in the world. When it comes to Heidelberg, an impressive number of people enjoy Indian cuisine and like to visit an Indian restaurant. The two main reasons for this popularity are;

  • The Use of Traditional Spices: A variety of spices and herbs are used in our Indian cuisine to make them tasty. From black paper to cardamom, various spices are used in the preparation of Indian food. In Indian cuisine, you get a unique combination of traditional spice ingredients, resulting in delicious food preparation. It differs greatly from western cuisine as it uses different spices and components, resulting in different flavors.
  • The Unique Way to Cook: Every Indian cuisine has different delicious flavors. This mainly depends on preparing tandoori items by slow grilling or cooking curry by mixing other ingredients and spices. Each item has a different way of preparing it. We have an excellent team of Indian cuisine experts to bring you the best food in the region.

If you come across Indian cuisine in the Heidelberg region, our local restaurant can tempt your taste buds with different flavors. At Athidhi you can easily order many delicious Indian dishes.

Our Restaurant Athidhi in Weisloch is a restaurant that serves you authentic flavors of the Indian subcontinent.