Top reasons why Indian spices are good in taste

If you have tasted Indian food, you must have noticed that most of the recipes are rich in spices, colors and flavors. Foods without spices are colourless, odorless and tasteless. Spices add life to the recipe. You can find a lot of variety in Indian spices.

  • The spices that you will find in India are of high quality. In most recipes overseas Indian spices, drinks have a life and flavor. Athidhi uses authentic Indian spices to give the food a natural Indian flavor.
  • Some spices have many health benefits. Spices like turmeric, green cardamom, coriander, etc. do wonders for our bodies. The spices are widely used in Indian cuisine. Any recipe is incomplete without these spices.


If you want to order succulent marinated Indian spiced chicken, Athidhi can be a good choice. We use many special and traditional Indian spices to make our dishes rich in Indian flavors. Check out our menu and try one of your favorite dishes to make your day unforgettable. The outstanding flavors here will surely make you order Indian food again and again. Without a doubt, try more and more dishes.

Our Restaurant Athidhi in Weisloch is a restaurant that serves you authentic flavors of the Indian subcontinent.